Reliable Supply Chain

StarRock Medical has assembled a supply chain of over sixty (60) of the highest quality factories in China and Asia, manufacturing medical products such as KN 95 and N95 respirators (masks), surgical and nonsurgical masks, gloves, protective gowns, suits and the full array of PPE and other needed equipment.

Long Term Relationships

StarRock’s partners in China as well as a senior member of our management team have been close family friends and business associates of our manufacturing group members for over twenty years.

Mitigate Financial Risk

Due to high demand, most medical product manufacturers in China and the rest of Asia require payments of 30% to 50% in advance before manufacturing begins. Many foreign companies have entered into manufacturing agreements with Chinese and factories in other Asian countries that have ended badly, with shoddy merchandise and little recourse for resolution.

Regulatory Compliance

All medical products in the StarRock supply chain are U.S. FDA/CDC approved, CE marked and fully compliant by all other national regulatory bodies as necessary for use in the countries where they are to be sold.

Better Volume Pricing

Our group does substantial business with the factories in the supply chain. We obtain better terms and reliable delivery even in this time of difficult procurement. Combined with StarRock’s modest markup, our prices should be at or below any other source.